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INES TEKS Tekstil San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti Hürriyet Mahalesi Malazgirt caddesi no:29/A Güneşli/ Bağcılar- ISTANBUL-TÜRKİYE

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Tel : +90 212 655 35 18

İnes Teks Textile has two big manufactory and Ines textile serves its goods all around the World

Ines Teks Textile is one of the leading companies on textile with their woven, ready-made clothes and packing units. Inesteks also proved their quality with the internal woven and quality check units. They continue improving themselves in order to raise the quality and the satisfaction of the customers

Ines Teks Textile is one of the leading companies in textile with the professional sales staff and with the experienced manufacturers; ines textile provides new trends and wide variety of patterns

Ines Teks Textile adapts the missions of always improving themselves more and more and our main focus is customer satisfaction. Combining quality with low prices, ines textile aims maximum satisfaction. This made it possible for us to reach all around the world and made us your first choice.

Ines Teks Textile with their European standards, fiber, woven, pattern and with rich variety from table cover to napkin. Inesteks with wide options available is a place that you would struggle to make choices. Inesteks giving life to many places in Turkey and many other European cities.

If you want renovation combined with quality and low prices we invite you to try Ines Teks Textile. It will be a joy for us to serve you.

Your satisfaction is our success.